The Folks Creative Printers, Inc. Intranet

The Folks Creative Printers, Inc.

The Folks Creative Printers, Inc. is a large commercial printer located in Marion, OH. Link Software wrote and currently maintains an intranet application for the Folks that is used daily by almost every department in the company. The application is involved from the time a customer places an order, through the post-printing process of inventory control and shipping product and ultimately the billing process.


  • The system helps employees maintain a catalog of over 16,000 unique SKUs that the Folks offer. This catalog is the core data used in all other features of the application.
  • Order management, from data entry through the printing process and into shipping and billing, is all handled through the application. This includes generating job tickets for the press room, making packing slips and handling UPS tracking for the shipping department, monitoring pre-press work and maintaining customer billing and shipping details.
  • Every SKU is included in the system’s inventory management program. A custom-built barcode system generates stickers for each printing job after completion. These barcodes are then scanned with Unitech barcode scanners loaded with software built specifically for the Folks. Inventory tools for manually adjusting inventory numbers are available as well.
  • Invoices are automatically generated each night based on that day’s order activity. Pricing is handled via user-defined pricing tables that can be associated with each SKU. A special interface between the Folks system and Sage 50 Accounting’s desktop program is used to keep data in both systems synced.
  • A variety of pre-defined reports are available for orders, inventory and invoicing. A report builder allows staff to make their own reports that can be set to run automatically at any time of day and even be emailed to a selected list of recipients.
  • Timecard entry and reporting features are used to handle employee payroll.
  • A user system built on roles prevents employees from accessing data outside of their department.
  • All hardware associated with the system (servers, desktop PCs, bardcode scanners, printers and networking equipment) is maintained by Link Software.