You're worried about SEO and people finding posts on your WordPress blog...
...and you know posts should be at least 1,000 words to rank well in search results.

The problem is there are hundreds of posts on your site and you need to know which ones need their word count boosted so they can have a shot at appearing in search results.

You could load every single post inside of WordPress, write down the word count and then track the word counts using a spreadsheet but there's a better way:

WP Word Count is a WordPress word counter plugin. It instantly counts the amount of words on your blog posts, pages and custom post types and also gives you individual author statistics. And if you're a passionate blogger who wants to know how many word you've written IT'S PERFECT FOR YOU.

In addition to word counting, WP Word Count will also help you increase your productivity. It does this with a system of motivational achievements and milestones which encourage you to write on your WordPress site more frequently.

Maybe you have a staff of writers and want to know who is working the hardest and producing the most content. WP Word Count offers detailed author statistics so you can monitor your team's writing production.

WP Word Count is also an excellent tool when you use freelance writers on your WordPress site. You can track their production over the course of their contract using the statistics provided by the plugin.

WP Word Count has dozens of uses and
Best of All, You can Try It For Free!

Download the free version now and see what WP Word Count can do for you.

Download WP Word Count

Take a look at what you get with the Pro version of WP Word Count.

WP Word Count Pro

Pro Version Benefits

Along with the same features as the free version, WP Word Count Pro also offers:

  • Post breakdowns with revision history, word counts and rankings amongst all content on your site.
  • Monthly word count summaries for posts and authors.
  • Detailed author statistics by month and post type.
  • A unique achievement system to track writing progress.
  • Free updates, access to any new features in the future and unlimited tech support.
$9.00 - Buy Single License
Have more than one WordPress site? We have a Pro solution just for you.

Why not buy WP Word Count Pro
with an Unlimited License?

All of the features of the Pro Single License,
plus it can be installed on as many WordPress sites as you want!

$15.00 - Buy Unlimited License

Four Great Reasons to Try
WP Word Count


Quickly count your posts and pages and see how many words they contain.


Track your content and sort it from largest to smallest word count.


Get detailed statistics for yourself and each of your site's authors.


See monthly writing productivity by post, page and custom post type.

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