What We Do

Custom Applications

Link Software has been building custom web applications for clients since beginning operations in 2003. We have experience creating content management systems from scratch, internal project management tools, accounting and inventory control suites and much more.

Website Design

We offer website design services if your web presence needs a total change or just some minor improvements. Most of our design projects run on WordPress with custom plugins written to meet any of the site's specific needs.


We have a considerable amount of experience working in a wide variety of industries and often have a unique perspective on projects in development. Whether you are a sports franchise looking to make changes to your online presence or a production plant interested in improving your internal processes; we can help.

Current Projects

Legacy Application Rewrite

One of our clients has a 14 year old web application that needs to be rewritten in a more modern programming language as a result of a backend technology change.

Mobile Inventory Control

We're building a real-time inventory scanning solution for one of our clients that runs on low cost bluetooth barcode scanners connected to mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.

MVP Application

One of our longest standing clients had an idea for a web application targeted at his existing customer base. We are turning that idea into a basic, minimum viable product for him to use.

Client Spotlight