Link Software has been writing web applications and designing websites since 2003. Our list of clients shows the diverse industries and assortment of projects we’ve been involved with during that time and can give you a good look at the skills we have to offer. Contact us today with any questions you have about what Link Software can do for you and your business.

Web Applications

One of our specialties is creating web applications built precisely for a company’s needs when off the shelf software just won’t do.

Do you have an out of control Excel spreadsheet or a complex system of unrelated applications you use every day to complete basic business functions? We can design and develop a custom web application for your company that can speed up those processes and improves your day-to-day operations.

We’ve built a lot of custom software but they generally fall under one of the following categories:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

We have years of experience building ERP systems built from scratch and specifically tailored to our client’s day-to-day business demands. We’ve built many of these for our clients in a wide variety of businesses and industries.

These systems can be all-encompassing with multiple modules. It’s also not uncommon for clients to request a single, or a small handful, of common ERP features as separate custom applications.

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Customer and Client Portals/Dashboards

Getting information to your customers is important no matter what business you are in. Link Software has created several custom client dashboards and customer portals that let companies quickly and easily get important order information into their customer’s hands.

We can build a customer portal that integrates with your existing systems or a brand new one we help create from the ground up. The portal can let your target audience submit orders, check on an existing order status, and more.

Custom WordPress Development

We have built dozens of custom WordPress plugins and themes to meet a variety of business needs over the years for our clients. Our own plugins have been used on tens of thousands of WordPress sites so we know how to build up and support large user bases. In addition to plugin and theme development, Link Software can help you with hosting, maintenance, and search engine optimization.

Website Design

Our business began by providing website design services. We have experience building sites of all shapes and sizes.

We’ve built websites for:

If you need a brochure site, a simple blog, or a more elaborate website for your business we have the experience to help you make it happen.