Link Software LLC has clients in a large number of industries, from professional sports to commercial printers, each with their very own specific needs.

Professional Sports

Our company started back in 2003 designing websites for minor league baseball teams.

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Entertainment Venues

Link Software has built websites and software for the most popular entertainment spots in Toledo,

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Insurance Agents & Accountants

We have built custom project management applications and websites for many insurance agents and accountants.

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We have worked with several law firms to build custom websites with features to improve reaching potential new clients.

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Warehouse Facilities

Link Software has built custom inventory control systems for production plants and warehouses since its inception.

Check back soon for an in-depth look into how these systems are made and deployed for our clients. If you are interested in a similar solution, please contact us.

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Commercial Printers

Link Software has been involved with writing software for commercial printers for over a decade.

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