The Folks Creative Printers, Inc. Customer Portal

The Folks Creative Printers, Inc.
Customer Portal

The Folks Creative Printers, Inc. were looking to replace their current ordering system (a series of emails, phone calls and faxes) into a streamlined online process. Link Software created a unique Customer Portal solution that tightly integrates with their intranet system.


  • All customers have their own individualized account that ties directly into their billing and shipping information found in The Folks’ intranet. An account can either have full ordering access or be limited to only orders that are being shipped to their location.
  • Orders are built and submitted using an order form that allows customers to quickly search through over 15,000 SKUs. Each SKU ordered can have additional printing options and notes attached that are then passed on to The Folks system after submission.
  • Customers can view their entire order history and search by a handful of data points to find and monitor any orders they have placed or are being shipped to them.
  • Every SKU on each order is tracked throughout fulfillment. Customers have full access to the process on The Folks side of production and can see when an order was received, moved into production and ultimately shipped.
  • Orders are shipped and tracked from three different freight companies: UPS, Holland and XPO Logistics. Customers can see when a SKU was shipped, where it is at in the shipping process and ultimately when it was delivered and who signed for the package.
  • Every order placed on the Customer Portal is seamlessly imported into the intranet, developed by Link Software, that The Folks uses for everyday business. Each order from the portal goes from submission by the customer to the production pipeline in minutes after staff review.
  • All servers and databases associated with the system are maintained by Link Software.